Serverless for Beginners

Serverless for Beginners
Serverless for Beginners | 610MB

Serverless was the hottest cloud topic in 2017, and will continue to be in 2018. Some companies are opting to skip using cloud services like EC2, and moving straight to a completely serverless architecture. It pays to understand serverless design patterns.

Whether you're a 'noob in the clouds' or an experienced cloud expert, this course will guide you through the concepts of serverless before diving into a series of hands on labs to build our very own - completely serverless - video sharing website.

We cover:
Function as a Service (FaaS) & Backend as a Service (BaaS)
Serverless patterns
Amazon Web Service, Auth0 and Firebase

This is an almost entirely practical course. While this course uses Node.JS, there is no need to have experience in Node to take this course. All the code is provided and there is even a lesson on how to get setup if you're new to Node.

The course is all about serverless. You are free to 'get into' the code as much or as little as you like.

You will need an AWS account to get started with this course, but no AWS experience is necessary to build the video sharing website.

This is the serverless course you've been looking for!



Serverless Beginners
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