DAZ3D All Materials SKU 60000-60999 - Part I (DAZ Studio 4.10)

DAZ3D All Materials SKU 60000-60999 - Part I (DAZ Studio 4.10)

DAZ3D All Materials SKU 60000-60999 - Part I (DAZ Studio 4.10) | 30.48 GB
This and other distributions of the "DAZ3D - All Materials" series include the whole range of materials intended for working with DAZ Studio 4.9 - characters (Female, Male), clothing (Clothing), shoes (Shoes), decorations (Jewelry), objects ( Props), interiors, animations, poses, animations, morphs, shaders, lighting, plugins, etc.

Each material is in a folder whose name contains the product identification number (SKU) and its full name. Also in each of the folders are a link (a file in the URL format) to the manufacturer's page with a description of the product in English, a poster in the JPG format, a PDF file with product information (also in the language of the likely opponent) and the folder demo images.
Materials in the distribution can be duplicated in the event that any product is included in the collection (Bundle). Thus, this product will be present in the distribution both under your identification number and in the collection, which has its own identification number. This was done so that, for example, it was possible to download the necessary material separately, without downloading the entire collection.
The distribution also includes the _Preview folder containing promotional images for the materials in the distribution, as well as the _Required folder containing the materials ("Required Products") necessary for the operation of some models contained in the distribution.
Add-ons: For the convenience of searching and viewing materials, I created a catalog of products included in this distribution in the XLS format (Microsoft Excel 2000), which is part of the distribution. The catalog contains the following fields:

ID - Identifier (SKU) of the product (when you hover the cursor on this cell, the corresponding image appears.);
Date - product release date;
Product Name - the official name of the product (is a link that can be used to go to the off-product page);
Artist - Author of the product (is a link where you can go to the page with other works of the author);
Category - Name of the category to which the product belongs (Clothing, Vehicles, Female, Hair, etc.);
Compatible Figures - Indicates which type and generation of Genesis are necessary for the correct operation of the product (Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male, etc.);
Compatible Software - Indicates the program for which the product is intended (mainly DAZ Studio 4.9, 4.10, less often Poser, etc.);
Required Products - Product Identifier (SKU) for which the current product is an add-on;
Includes products "") - Indicates which products this product includes, if it is a Bundle, or what collections it is included in.

Thus, data can be sorted by any of the listed parameters, use filters and view product information by clicking on links.
Also in the distribution there is a catalog in PDF format, containing preview images for the materials. When you click on the image in the browser, the full-size image opens, and when you click on the title at the bottom of the picture, the corresponding directory opens in the browser.

DAZ-3d file formats:
* .daz - Scene
* .dbc - Camera
* .dbl - Lighting
* .dbm - Material
* .dcb - custom shader mixer settings
* .ds - Ascii script
* .dsa - Ascii Script 2
* .dsb - Binary script
* .dsd - Details
* .dse - Encrypted script
* .dsf - Support Support File
* .dsi - Layer image
* .dso - Object
* .duf - User file
* .dsv - Vertex Map
* .duf - user file

Developer: ........... DAZ3D
Platform: ............. PC
Format: ................ ZIP * archives (See "Formats" under the spoiler)
Requirements: ............ See material descriptions.
Release Date: .......... 2019
Amount: ............ 98 (+ 19 Required)
Size: ................ 30 GB

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DAZ3D All Materials SKU 60000
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